Install Laravel 5.7 in One Click

by InstallVPS

Posted on February 13, 2019 at 12:45 PM

Laravel installation in just one click.


Installation process

Here are all the actions we will perform on your server:

  1. Update package versions from repositories.
  2. Update all installed packages to the latest version.
  3. Install and configure all the packages

Packages Installed

The following packages will be installed on your server:

  1. LAMP
  2. Laravel 5.7 (latest version from git)
  3. Composer (latest version from composer)
  4. Git
  5. Unzip
  6. PHP extensions (mbstring, tokenizer, xml)


The following configuration changes will be performed on your server.

  • Install Laravel dependencies with composer
  • Setup web folder permissions
  • Create a database and configure it in laravel (.env)

Versions Installed

The same version of Laravel software will be installed in all linux version.

LAMP componentes will have different version, in order to know which version will be installed you can check LAMP docs.

Ubuntu 18.04

Installation from repositories without external packages.

Versions installed:

  • git 2.17
  • unzip 6.0

After Installation

Your server is fully installed. You can now check your installation or perform other actions in your server.

Testing Installation

Once the installation is completed, you can test everything works connecting to your server: