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A collection of applications you can install in your linux VPS or Dedicated server.

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Install your linux server with one click in any hosting provider in the world.


Your password is allways safe. We use it to launch the install, and then remove every trace of it.


Multiple linux distributions. Ubuntu 16 to 18 and Debian 8 to 9. Soon Red Hat and CentOS.


Your server will be up and running in less than 5 minutes and in just One Click.


No registration required. Just provide your server details and click Launch.

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Write your server details and click Launch.

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Have fun with your newly installed server!


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You will need three basic things in order to use InstallVPS:

  • A linux server with a fresh installation (VPS or Dedicated)
  • Root access to the server
  • Internet conection on this server

As far as your server fulfills this requirements, it doesn't matter the location or the hosting provider, we can install your server for you.

Yes, although this is not mandatory, it is highly recommended.

The installation process will install packages, create and modify configuration files and create databases among other tasks.

If you already have services running in your vps, there could be conflics during the installation.

Yes, installing multiple apps from installvps in your server is perfectly possible.

You only have to make sure the apps you want to install are compatible with each other. If you are unsure, you can contact us using the contact form.

For instance, you can conbine all web applications based on LAMP on a single server. You can also install LAMP and FTP server in the same server.

Some packages that you can not conbine are LAMP and LEMP as they are not compatible. Also Webmin should not be convined with any other App as it is a control panel.

The installation process needs to have root privileges in order to install the required packages.

At the moment you can provide three kind of credentials to get your server installed:

  1. Root credentials
  2. Any user with sudo privileges (without password to run sudo commands)
  3. Any user with sudo privileges (providing the user password for sudo commands)

The system will automatically detect the type of user you provided. You only need to provide the username and password.

In Debian and Ubuntu giving sudo privileges to a user is as simple as adding the user to the sudo group with the following command:

# usermod -aG sudo user-name

Yes, using your credentials is completely secure. The entire website is protected with https so all the traffic is encrypted.

Also, for your protection, we will never keep your credentials in our system longer than neccesary. This is how your credentials are used:

  • You provide your credentials to install your server
  • The credentials are used to install the server
  • The credentials are removed from our system (wether the installation is successfull or not)

That means that your credentials will only be in our system 5 minutes or less (the time to install your server).

If you are really concerned with security. You can set up a temporary password for the user you provide and change that password once the installation has been completed.

No. If you already have a control panel in your server, you can not install applications trough our website.

Control panels like plesk, cpanel require that you do all the tasks using their options. If you already have a panel, you shouldn't use any other tool to install software in your server.

Yes, we are constantly working to support more applications and different linux distributions. If you are interested in a particular application, let us know trough the contact form. We will try to support it.

Yes, we support all hosting providers in the world. As far as you have a linux server and we can connect to this server trough ssh, we can perform the installation.

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Install your linux server in one click.

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